National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) is an umbrella for Nigerian women organisations, founded in Nigeria in1958 with the aim to promote welfare and empowerment of women. It is affiliated to International Council of Women (ICW) and since1990; it has been active in international conferences.

In the Netherlands, NCWS work will go to support the Nigerian women especially undocumented Nigerian women who are victims of human trafficking and to help those who have participated in legal procedures to seek justice without success but  have placed themselves in an even more precarious situation. They tend to be isolated, and as such invisible to the society they live in. Nigerian women in particular suffer from discrimination resulting from resilient forms of stereotyping of Nigerians, as well as the stigma of prostitution clinging to victims of human trafficking.

Mission: To undertake research and action programme that is focused on preventing human trafficking as well as empowering victims

Vision:  Our vision is to support and safeguard the dignity of these women towards self-reliance



Globally, approximately 600,000 to 800,000 persons are trafficked annually

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